Does Anyone Else Remember Hammerman; Fifteen Weeks In

Last week, for no discernible reason, I remembered that MC Hammer had a cartoon television show called Hammerman; the actual show I do not remember at all, probably because I didn’t actually watch it, except that it featured magical shoes. Due to the magic that is the internet, I could watch an episode, or at least the theme song, which I recall was incredibly long and detailed, but I’d rather leave it as a strange memory bouncing around in my brain.

It’s funny sometimes, how popular culture from one’s childhood can just resurface for no particular reason. I’m not talking about Hammerman, as I was a teenager at the time of its popularity, such as it was, and again, I never watched it. But occasionally some Saturday morning cartoon memory will pop into my head, most notably from School House Rock or an obscure commercial for cheese (I hanker for a hunk of cheese!). I can still sing the entire theme song for ParticipAction – do it with your friends, you both can bend, do it with some hustle, you can make some muscle – and I can also still feel the shame of getting the Participant sticker, rather than the badges, handed out at gym class. I still cannot do a pull-up.

It’s incredible to think that forty years ago we were all exclusively watching Saturday morning cartoons and arranging our bathroom and cereal breaks around commercials; we had to wait a whole week to see who would be on the next episode of The Muppet Show, and an entire summer wondering who shot JR, and now anyone can watch anything at any time. I mean, I remember getting our first PVR approximately 13 years ago and the amazement that came from being able to pause and rewind live television, and now here we are, able to access Hammerman or Conjunction Junction on a whim. If I wanted to I could watch every single episode of The Facts of Life; my childhood self would be amazed and envious.

I remember learning, back in the Eighties, that some of the songs that were huge hits were also cover songs: I Think We’re Alone Now, Lean On Me, I Can’t Help Falling In Love, You Keep Me Hanging On. In recent years I discovered the OG versions of Hard to Handle and There’s Always Something There To Remind Me, and for all of the above, I prefer the originals. However, there are a few songs that I think are better as covers: Lovers In A Dangerous Time (Barenaked Ladies), Knocking on Heaven’s Door (Guns and Roses), and Light My Fire (Jose Feliciano). If you, dear reader, have any thing to add, I would love to hear it.

Speaking of hit songs, last week I learned something incredible: Jimmy Buffett has just released a new album. JIMMY BUFFETT. HAS JUST RELEASED A NEW ALBUM. Does anyone else find that amazing? I mean, for one thing, he’s 73 years old. For another thing, the man has an enormous number of albums to his name and I would challenge you to name any of them. You can’t, can you? And yet he is an incredibly successful recording artist with a devoted following, not to mention a Sirius channel of his own. Talk about finding your niche in the world. It’s quite inspiring, really. Where would we be without Margaritaville? Searching for our lost shakers of salt, I guess. We all enjoy Margaritaville, of course, but my personal favourite Jimmy Buffett song, one that I do not think gets enough accolades, is Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Screw. That is one catchy tune, and I am not being facetious. I just got a waterbed, it’s filled up for me and you.

Well, I’ll be singing that one all day, which is better than a few minutes ago, when it was ParticipAction, get with the action, do it, do it, do it.

Pandemic Reading

This was a fun week of re-reading the Rosie series. Initially I had thought that the trilogy got better and better with each book, but after reading them all this week, I have decided that they are all equally excellent in their own way, which is a huge and rare accomplishment for any trilogy. I really love how the books portray a person who processes the world differently, with so much affection and humour.

Yummy Things

I have been having the occasional Friday afternoon wine date with my dear friend and neighbour Taryn (HI TARYN); last week I made the three house trek to her backyard, carrying my brand new (thank you, Superstore, for your free gift with purchase) camping chair, and this tote bag packed with wine, my keys, and a glass. Isn’t it cute?

For Sunday night dessert last night, my older son made a pan of Reese Peanut Butter Bars; if you like peanut butter and chocolate and you see a package in the grocery store, buy it! The bars were very yummy and simple to put together.

What’s Blooming

This has been a strangely late year for almost all my shrubs and plants; the roses are coming along but still pretty stick-like, the dogwoods are not completely leafed out yet, and although my newly-planted clematis is blooming, my established one is not. However, the lilacs are fully out and almost finished, and the Siberian irises are glorious.

Pandemic Fitness

When running and walking this week, the lilac scents have been absolutely wonderful. Our fitness club has reopened with lots of restrictions, and I haven’t yet gone, but I’m considering doing a reconnaissance this week, as the weather has changed from Pleasant to Cold and Rainy. We will see.

Have a wonderful week, everybody! Keep safe! xo


  1. Sara Hiebert says

    I heard on cbc radio the other day that Bob Dylan has also released a new album! So I guess we really are never too old to do the things!
    & now I am craving pb & choc… mmmm….

  2. That tote is super cute and made me smile. Riesling is my favorite wine. Oh, Saturday morning cartoons, you are taking me back. I still remember when the smurfs first came out. I don’t even know if kids watch cartoons on Saturday mornings anymore because of the busy factor, getting signed up for activities and stuff. No idea, I just know my kids haven’t watched TV on Sat. mornings for years. I appreciate your book recommendations. Yes, it is so strange to think that kids today have TV without ads whenever and wherever they are – not to mention they have the ability to call home or call anyone or communicate with peers, etc. so easily. To think of the times we waited around after a sports practice because my mom was late and we had no way to communicate It’s the little things.

  3. Reading this was exactly the right way to start this morning. “For another thing, the man has an enormous number of albums to his name and I would challenge you to name any of them. You can’t, can you?” and “That is one catchy tune, and I am not being facetious” in particular.

    I remember the amazement of being able to RECORD something and WATCH IT AT A MORE CONVENIENT TIME. And FAST-FORWARD THE COMMERCIALS. And REWIND IF WE MISSED SOMETHING. When I was a very little girl, the big deal at birthday parties was if someone’s parent rented a projector and a film, so you could WATCH A MOVIE, AT THE PARTY, IN YOUR OWN HOUSE. It would be so hard to explain to my kids how magical that seemed. I’m trying to think of something else that we currently MUST go elsewhere to do, so it would seem amazing to have it in the house. Maybe like hiring a cook and waiter to come to your house and make/serve you dinner in your own dining room? Or having actors come put on a play in your living room?

  4. I think the best example of “the cover is better than the original” is Janis Joplin’s version of “Me and Bobby McGee.” She really makes you believe “freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose” in a way Kris Kristofferson can’t.

  5. Oh my gosh, TIme for Timer! I will now be singing the song about cheese and the song about eat some kind of breakfast all day.

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