The fog has lifted.

The fog has lifted, so to speak.  It turns out that I have a raging sinus infection, which certainly explains why I was just getting worse and worse and why I would sleep for ten hours a day and still be completely exhausted and why I felt like I was walking around underwater and why I sat up yesterday when the alarm went off and had to lie back down with a stabbing pain behind one eye and a dull ache in my ears and teeth.  I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday, and since this doctor is new to me, I was a bit nervous.  My old doctor always erred on the side of undermedicating, and so I mentally prepared myself to argue for some kind of medication.

Turns out, I didn’t need to argue, the doctor immediately diagnosed sinus infection and prescribed a round of antibiotics, plus an over the counter medication.  I went to fill my prescriptions, and the friendly pharmacist informed me that they did not have that over the counter medication, but I was not to worry.  It was not necessary, he said, my doctor only recommended it to help manage the pain and congestion.  Blink.  Blink blink.  “That seems pretty necessary right now,” I said, before bursting into tears.  My puffy, blotchy, sobbing ugliness spurred him into action and he found a suitable substitute. 

I feel much better today.  I can feel my old energy returning, and I also do not feel like ripping off my own head.  I have been able to accomplish some of my everyday tasks: I did the laundry without collapsing into the warm-from-the-dryer clothes, I cleaned the bathroom without crying, I walked the dog without contemplating death.  I may even bake a banana bread later today, without fear that the noise from the stand mixer will cause unspeakable anguish. 

All in all I would say that’s a good day.  Which is not to say I’m 100%, since I tried to send my husband a jokey sort of text that said “I’m sexting you!” but for some reason it came out “I’m decrying you!”.  I’m not sure how that happened.  He did not respond, probably thinking that this is my normal behaviour now.  Or maybe he thinks I’m actually crying, which is a fairly unremarkable occurrence.

A few months ago, my husband went to run an errand and came home with an iPhone for me, thereby catapulting me into the modern age.  Previously I had only a flip phone with no voice mail and I had never sent a text in my life.  Upon receipt of my iPhone, I immediately texted a friend – one who mocked me for my lack of technological savvy – saying merely “I’m texting you!”.  I was so excited.  I was less excited when my husband took my old phone to be recycled.  He went through, deleting my old information, and came upon a whole pile of texts that I had received, utterly unaware that I had received them.  One of them was from January 2011, and said “Hey Nic, so sorry but I won’t be able to make it tonight.  Call me later!”  Oops. 

All of which is to say my lack of texting and/or sexting abilities may have nothing to do with my recent illness, and more to do with the fact I listen to the kind of radio station that advertises for Grey Power Insurance.  A girlfriend sent me a message the other day, saying that she was thinking about me as she heard a Hall and Oates song on the radio.  Hall and Oates!  She knows me well indeed.


  1. I’m no expert but I believe that you have to tell someone you are sexting them, you are doing it wrong. 🙂
    Glad the fog is lifting.

  2. decrying eh?
    Do you also have the case of the “fat fingers”? i have that problem. Unfortunately there is no cure.
    But at least your sinus infection can be.

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Apparently living on the west coast is bad for your health right now.


  4. Glad you are feeling better and welcome to the world of texting! A great way to waste more time and annoy people you are sitting with while you check your phone in mid conversation and then say “Just a minute” as you send a text back and then only half pay attention to the conversation while you wait for a reply….. I have a friend who does this ALL the time, so annoying.

  5. My husband bought me a new phone for my birthday this year, to replace my decade-old candy-bar phone. My old one couldn’t even send texts. This one does all kinds of internet type stuff but so far, I have only used it to…call people. My husband is DYING of frustration. “Don’t you know it can be a GPS? It can play music? It can search the web?” I’m still a luddite at heart!

  6. I’m glad to hear you are finally starting to feel better and welcome to the 2000s with your iPhone.

  7. Ya, that medication’s not necessary! It’ll only keep you from enjoying pain and misery! Why would you want to miss out on that?


    Glad the pharmacist found a substitute.

  8. When I had a sinus infection, I went to the doctor all loaded up with adrenaline prepared to fight to the death to get some drugs. Turns out it was totally unnecessary. Appointment took all of 10 minutes and I was prescribed antibiotics etc. Anticlimatic but was SO happy to have the drugs.

    As far as the autocorrect feature, I recommend you to damnyouautocorrect(dot)com. Hilariously full of autocorrect errors.

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