Friday the 13th, and Privilege Problems

I just realized, now, that it is Friday the 13th!  Maybe that explains things, and by things I mean my state of crossness and irritability, although I really think that my attitude is more likely attributed to my lack of sleep and excessive worry due to my son having pneumonia, rather than the date.  I have been extremely irritable and plagued with what I refer to as Privilege Problems.  Don’t worry!  I’m not about to complain that my personal chef has been using just too much asiago, or that my housekeeper has been cleaning the bathroom so frequently that she is going through an excessive amount of cleanser, or that my stylist keeps putting me in Michael Kors, when I just want vintage, dammit!  I just mean that I have been having problems that are not actually problems, but are instead irritants that seem exceedingly important, but really are not.
Nicole’s List of Not-Really-Problems
1)      It is two weeks until my next scheduled hair appointment, and yet my hair looks and feels like straw.  Orange straw.  I have an emergency box of temporary hair colour in my bathroom cupboard but can I actually use it with only two weeks to go until my appointment?  I don’t know.  I can’t decide.  I am going to see my in-laws next week, and I don’t really want to see them with straw-like, orange hair, but is it silly and/or bad for one’s hair to apply temporary colour two weeks before permanent colour?  I JUST DON’T KNOW.  I could dither about this all day long, but fortunately I have other things to think about.  Such as avoiding breakouts prior to next week. 
2)      A few weeks ago my husband had the snow tires taken off the car, and today he asked if I would take it in to get the tires retorqued.  This was completely unreasonable, given that, other than filling it with gas, car issues are HIS department.  I do not deal well with car issues, even ones as innocuous as getting the tires retorqued.  I have been known to burst into tears when the “washer fluid low” light comes on.  I cannot, and have never been able to open the hood on my car.  I did take the car in but felt tremendously resentful for the entire day.
3)      My kids are going to be in the same class next year.  This actually seems like it might be a real problem.  Due to the school board’s budget cuts, the class that Mark was supposed to be in was eliminated, and instead they are going to be together in a Grade 1-2 split class.  My options are to a) suck it up, b) place Jake in the Montessori Grade 1 class (our school has a Montessori stream along with the regular program), or c) switch schools.  Neither b nor c seem like viable options to me, so I guess I’m going with suck it up, buttercup.
To counteract my irritability, I am going to list off all of the happy things from the past couple of days.
Nicole’s List of Happy Things, Complete With Pictures
1)      I planted a few very hardy plants!  They look pretty and it was so lovely to dig in the dirt again after such a long, long winter.
Does it look like Mark is saying “That’s what she said?”  Or is it just me?
This is what happens when I ask them to look at me and smile.  It does not go well.
2)      The new dog groomer did a great job on Barkley, and was less expensive than our old groomer.  The consult wasn’t even something weird, like I had imagined, although on the topic of the dog’s face, the groomer asked if I would like for him to have a moustache.  I laughed, but realized quickly that this was not a joke.  Um, no thanks.
3)      Mark is coughing much less, thanks to the miracle that is antibiotics.  I may – MAY – even get some sleep tonight.  Then I will surely be less bitchy and irritable.  Surely.


  1. Antibiotics rock the party.
    My husband told me that whoever drives the car primarily is responsible for it, as a result I can do everything but change my own oil. It is strangely liberating.

  2. I would put on a hat until your hair appt. Car maintenance is clearly a blue job and the husband should not ask you to do it. Kids in the same class does sound like a problem.

    Flowers look really nice. Hope you have a nice weekend.

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  4. My feminism begins and ends with car maintenance issues. It’s not the car per se It’s that I leave the garage, the tire shop, the glass store, the lube…erm…place KNOWING that I have been talked down to. It drives me batty.

  5. I have several privilege problems also. Like, my v key is giving me problems. Do you know how many times I just had to backtrack and fix the words ‘have’, ‘several’, ‘privilege’, and ‘giving’ by hammering the hell out of the v key? I’m trying to take more car responsibility, but it gives me severe anxiety.

  6. School changes suck. However, I live in B.C. where everything changes far too rapidly. I have one child in grade Ten and one child in grade Six. We’ve been slammed with budget shrinkage for their whole school life. Split classes aren’t so bad.My son got to ‘read’ ahead, my daughter got to read at her own pace. To be honest, it is all about Teachers..and you will find out about the good ones in this crunch.

  7. Sometimes it just seems like everything is a big problem. I am having one of those weeks myself.
    I can’t imagine my boys in the same class…trouble! OY! I hope you got some rest and feel better! Have a great week!

  8. I could draw it one a graph – the less sleep I get, the more irritable I get – it’s a perfect science. Hang in there and glad to hear your son is feeling better! I like the other commenter’s hat suggestion, too –

  9. I would like to know more facts about a car than simply safe driving. My husband refuses to give me that previlage. He likes to get everything done and takes the car to the garage himself. I do envy ladies who are well versed about the machine.

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