Moms Against Time Change

Daylight Savings Time is my nemesis. Well, not Daylight Savings Time exactly: I mean, I enjoy evening light as much as the next person, although at the risk of expressing an unpopular opinion I actually prefer morning sunshine – I am an early bird after all. I’m sure there are some children out there who are completely unaffected by time changes, but frankly, I don’t really want to know about them.

Upon further reflection, I do know someone who strictly adheres to the Kitty Raymond school of parenting and I am fairly certain that her children sail through time changes unscathed, given that the children are locked in their rooms for a specified number of hours per night come hell or high water. No judgment here though.

But Kitty fans notwithstanding, I’m guessing most of us with young children are kind of tired this week, not just from the “loss” of an hour, no, but from the poor emotionally fraught and confused children in our care. Stretches of time will pass normally, pleasantly even, and then someone will burst into tears for obscure and mysterious reasons, or will fall into a complete pit of despair over a game of Chutes and Ladders.

I’m so tired. This exhaustion is not helped by my husband and his refusal to see time change for its true diabolical self. “I really think you’re overreacting” he said to me, causing steam to come out of my ears and my head to spin around a la Linda Blair. “I AM NOT OVERREACTING” I responded, using the SAHM’s patented number one argument enhancer, “You have NO IDEA what it’s like to be around them during the day.” Then I have to take deep ujjayi breaths and grab a bottle of wine for support.

I think I’m not alone here. So here’s my solution: I’m starting a group called Moms Against Time Change. Maybe we could even get t-shirts. Colour preferences, anyone? We could storm the offices of government officials in charge of Daylight Savings Time decisions, with our irritable children in tow, and our own bitchy selves, and we could force them to take back the time change! Take back the time change!

Are there government officials involved? There must be. Is Daylight Savings a North American thing or is it global? Perhaps I should do more research. Never mind, Moms Against Time Change is still a great idea. Who’s with me?


  1. I hate DST. I will join your movement.

  2. Where do we sign up?

  3. I’m in. And since I have 4 crabby boys and one crabby husband, I’d like a pink t-shirt – maybe a fitted one, something to help me feel a little girly…

  4. I’ll sign it. I’ve hated the whole time change thing since I was a kid. I think we should follow Saskatchewan’s lead and just skip the time change altogether.

  5. I’m in too – with one suggestion! I love the RESULT of DST but find we need more than one day to transition the kids (us adults too, if we’re all honest about it!).

    Wouldn’t it be great if we did it in 10 minute shifts over a six day period? Imagine that week (what time is it today?!?)…

  6. A wise Indian Chief once said; “If you cut the bottom off a blanket and sew it on the top, you still have the same amount of blanket” Translation: If it aint broke, don’t fix it!!


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