Dummy Jimmy Too Tall has a friend!

Two friends, actually.

I wanted to write a nice, thoughtful post today but here is what is on my mind:

1) It’s my dad’s 60th birthday this weekend. I have to run out today and get a gift but he is a man and he is 60. He just doesn’t need anything. I guess it will be aftershave. Again.

2) I took Jake to Superstore yesterday to get frozen spinach and tziatiki. I ended up with two very large pumpkins, a decorative ghost and black cat, spiders and pretend webbing, and two more scarecrows, which he promptly named Idiot and TV. Anyone have a pet they need named? Because my children are gifted in that department.

3) When we bought the pumpkins, Jake suggested we make a pie. Ha! I can hardly stop laughing. Let’s just say I’m not one to make pastry and leave it at that.

4) I have to take the kids to my mother’s this afternoon. She is making their Halloween costumes and needs them to have a final fitting. The sewing gene completely skipped my generation. Once I sewed a button on my pants and somehow managed to cut a hole in the butt of them. Another time I tried the button thing and I ended up sewing the legs of the pants together and then completely tearing them when I tried to take the stitches out. I almost failed Home Economics in junior high. My best friend would sit at the sewing machine, making her actually-wearable t-shirt and shorts, and I would sit beside her, ripping out my stitches – again – until my t-shirt was a shredded disaster.

So, I’m off to get some aftershave, and not any more fall related decorations.


  1. Maybe your dad would like a scarecrow named Idiot.
    Just a thought:)

  2. You can buy pre-made pastry – in the pan and everything! True! Of course, my kid has Celiac disease and so I have to make crappy tasting pastry from scratch that falls apart. Great.

    I always buy my dad bullets. He’s easy to shop for.

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