January (read: unexciting) Weekend Update

I consider myself to be a fairly balanced person, but every time I turn on the news or open a social media site, I find myself twitching. It’s not just international shenanigans, either, it’s everything. I cannot even turn on the local news anymore. Sadness and frankly terrifying things seem to happen every moment, and I find myself overwhelmed.

I was having tea with my neighbour the other day and we reminded each other that we do as much as we can in our own backyard, and that is something that we can do. As my friend Swistle (HI SWISTLE) says, it might be a drop in the bucket but it is still a drop IN the bucket. In > out.

Anyway, I did have a good weekend; I taught yoga and practiced yoga and went to my three-year-old niece’s birthday party. I made some nice dinners and baked muffins that are already on the edge of extinction – hello, tween boy growth spurts – and I read a lot. Here are some highlights of the weekend:


We watched Austin Powers with the boys and it was just as much of a hit with them as I thought it would be. I guess it is all the toilet/ penis extending humour. My favourite part of that movie has always been, and probably always will be, the group therapy session with Dr. Evil and his son, Scott. I didn’t go through seven years of evil medical school to be called Mr., thank you very much. 

I remember when the movie first came out; I went to see it in the theatre with my husband-before-he-was-even-my-boyfriend. He was my friend-who-I-have-a-crush-on back then, and I remember being so excited to see the movie and then kind of disappointed while watching it, due entirely to the excessive amount of poop-related humour. However, it was fun to watch with the boys, who are very obviously the target market. Also, it’s short. I can forgive any movie anything as long as it is short. Not to sound like I am ninety years old, and get off my lawn, but movies these days are TOO DAMN LONG. Practically every single movie can cut at least thirty minutes, with no loss of anything.

The Dinner

I have become obsessed with my Calgary Public Library app lately. It’s part of my resolution to read more and so far I have read five books this month. Currently I’m reading The Dinner, on Allison’s recommendation (HI ALLISON) and it is quite gripping and readable. I have a bunch of books on hold, which I love, but for one of them I am number 647 in the queue. Well, it will be certainly exciting when I get that call, won’t it?

I went to the library to pick up a book about military drones that Jake had put on hold for a research project, and there was a parent-and-baby storytime going on. People, it was adorable. So many tiny squishy babies who had no idea what was going on. I remember those days…not well, mind you, because of the massive sleep deprivation, but I do remember them.

Jane the Virgin

I started watching this on Friday and immediately devoured several episodes. My husband watched one with me and it was really, really fun explaining the connection between characters to him. See her? She’s the doctor who accidentally inseminated her. And that woman is her lover. Well, her ex-lover. I guess she’s also technically her step-mother. If you haven’t watched it, you really should. The premise alone is very funny – young woman decides to save herself for marriage, finds herself pregnant due to a medical mix-up. Hilarity ensues!

My GOD, can you imagine, though? I have a Pap test scheduled for next month and I will be sure to give my ham-handed doctor the gears about it. Well, probably not. I don’t think that they even do inseminations at the family physician’s office. Maybe it’s an American thing, what would I know?


I feel that gif with all my heart.

Happy Monday everyone. Here’s to a good week! xo


  1. I’d be amused to show Austin Powers to the boys but 11yo is *so* bothered by sex humour that I don’t think they’d like it. They are here for pee jokes but the penis enlarger pump? That, I don’t know.

  2. I remember like it was yesterday sitting through the interminable Batman Begins and thinking “why is every movie 30 minutes too long nowadays?” I mean, it was a movie about Batman for god’s sake. It really didn’t need to be 2.5 hours long. At least 30 minutes (more like 45) could easily have been trimmed from that movie (and most others) and they would only have been improved.

    Speaking of being old, the thought of being accidentally pregnant right now actually gives me the cold sweats. Terrifying. Nevertheless, I’ve heard good things about Jane the Virgin so will give it a whirl. I need something diverting these days.

  3. I had mine at the OB/GYN’s office. The building is near the kids’ doctor so when we walk by it I always tell the kids, “That’s where you were conceived” and one look slightly uncomfortable and the other is slightly interested.

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