No grievances, so I guess it’s time for feats of strength.

Since the last day of classes, I have collapsed into a puddle of sloth and gluttony. HOO BOY, the last week of school was a long week.

No matter how prepared a person may be, there are always some strange requests in the last week of school. On Wednesday, Mark told me that he needed to bring “food to share” to the class party on Friday. Fortunately yesterday I made and frosted 84 cookies, so I could spare a few for that, but then he also told me he needed to wear hockey gear for his class contribution to the Canadian Version of the 12 Days of Christmas. What? We have no hockey gear. His class had the line “FIVE STANLEY CUPS” and for that reason, he needed to wear hockey gear. For the school-wide 25 minutes of caroling. After much digging I found a Canucks ball cap that he had received some years ago as a gift, and he was grudgingly satisfied with it.

Jake’s class, by the way, had the line “Seven Sled Dogs Sledding” and HE needed to bring a stuffed dog to class, which also proved to be problematic, not because we don’t have a plethora of stuffed dogs, but because he couldn’t find one that he wouldn’t be sad about in the unlikely event of it getting lost or stolen. Finally I found one at the back of a whole pile of stuffed animals – we have way too many, really – and put it in his backpack, amid exclamations of excitement over the long-lost dog.

But now we are on vacation, and I’m telling you, I am the laziest person around. Other than going out for the last pre-Christmas grocery shop yesterday morning, I’ve been doing almost nothing except watch movies and read, while wearing yoga pants or pajamas. And eating and drinking, of course. All the boozy coffee for me, please!

This past weekend we headed up north to the lake, which was frozen solid, but in bumpy waves due to high winds. The kids got a huge kick out of walking on the lake.



Did you know that Clarence Carter, of “Stroking” fame has a Christmas song? BACK DOOR SANTA. The title alone should probably say everything you need to know about it. Since it’s Festivus today, we should probably all start airing our grievances with a song that details how “Santa” sneaks around to have sex with all the married ladies in the neighbourhood, unbeknownst to their long-suffering and/or negligent husbands. Personally, I think Dick in a Box is a more appropriate Christmas song, because at least it celebrates monogamy, albeit through putting one’s junk in a box and having one’s lady friend open said box.

But the reality is that I don’t have many grievances to air, Festivus or not. I do hope that you all have a wonderful holiday filled with love and laughter. xoxo


  1. Holy random requests, batman! That is soooo elementary/middle school. Ours had Festive Hat Week and on the second to last day of the week i guess the principal implored EVERYONE to wear their FESTIVE HATS on Friday! and all the children were losing their minds because FESTIVE HATS! FESTIVE shuuuuuutt uuuuuup.

    I would like to walk on a frozen lake some day. It looks really cool.

    You’re strong enough to let the grievances go. May next year bring sweetness and much joy. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. Merry Christmas to you! Today’s the first day of the kids’ break and we are going to the dentist. Festive! But maybe going to see either It’s a Wonderful Life or Miracle on 34th St. at a film revival house afterward. No grievances here either.
    p.s. I am afraid to click on either of those links, esp. with J in the room.

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