What do Count Almasy and Elaine Benes have in common?

You know how some pop-culture moments stay with you for many years after their relevance has dissipated? Nothing dates a person faster than saying something like “Where’s the beef?” or “How YOU doin’?” and yet, I find myself unable to stop. If I’m making lasagne, I constantly say “VEGETABLE LASAGNE” like Elaine Benes, if I’m making hummus I say “This hummus is amazing. God bless the chickpea.” Probably right now you’re thinking how awesome it must be to live with me. I’m a barrel of fun! Just ask my husband and kids.

*note: my husband and kids would not say I am a barrel of fun.*

On this vein, when something occurs more than a few days in a row, I am reminded of Count Almasy in the English Patient, when he leaves Katharine in the desert to go get help. “I have been walking…I have been WALKING…for THREE DAYS…I do not want to spell my name.” Today I looked out the window at the pouring rain and said to myself in a fake Hungarian accent, It has been raining…FOR THREE DAYS…I do not want to walk the dog.

It’s been pouring rain here; the house is completely dark and no matter how well I wipe Barkley’s feet there are paw prints all over the floor. There’s only one week left of school and as always during the last week of school, it feels like a lot of effort, just putting one foot in front of the other. Just keep going! One more week! On the upside, the hostas are looking great and the grass is really green! I had optimistically written “weeding!” on my list of things to do today, but it looks like that is going to be a tomorrow job. Hopefully.

The sun is supposed to come out tomorrow, and so today I’m going to focus on Things That Make Me Smile.

Search Terms For This Blog

Nothing cheers me up faster than seeing how people come to read this blog *waves at all of you*. Here are popular search terms for this blog from the past 30 days:

jaminals – well, I can see that. I did write a post featuring jaminals.

why is a man’s forearm sexy – I’m not sure where this came from.

naked woman gardening in house – ditto. I don’t garden naked in the house. I don’t even have plants in the house.

huge boners – um

play in soccer in the freezing point of rain with pneumonia – sadly, this was an actual topic of a post back in 2011 when Mark had pneumonia and still wanted to go to soccer practice.

fat whore – huh

I drink green smoothie my tongue swell – CALL THE DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY!

and my personal favourite:

I watch my neighbor’s boyfriend wear panties outside.

Godspeed, internet searcher. Godspeed.

This Video With Little Hamsters Eating Little Burritos

I dare you to watch this and not be instantly happy.

This Amazing Internet Commentary

My friend Annabel posted this about a rainbow cake recipe that inspired an apocalypse of commentary, and it is pretty much my favourite thing I’ve ever read. I laughed until I cried and had stomach pains. As an economist, I appreciate how Keynesian economic theory gets mentioned, along with some uncivil discourse on the etymology of the word “liberal”. As one commenter so aptly says, “Shit’s getting real up on the recipe comments.”

Ah, I can only dream of the day when one of my recipes inspires a fascist versus communist, helicopter versus free-range parent comment war. You just never know what will set people off. I’m a member of several vegan discussion boards and often one member will casually mention “honey” or “owning cats” and ninety comments later you wonder what just happened. Whoa nelly. I remember several years back when a friend casually mentioned Esperanto on her personal blog, saying it was a silly, made-up language. She was instantly inundated with comments from the Esperanto Society. There are people who will argue anything, and that includes, apparently, a rainbow cake with numbers in it. As one of the commenters said, “Lmaooooooooooo”.


  1. I went back and reread the rainbow cake commentpocalypse and laughed all over again. It is like the most perfect example of how the most innocuous internet comment sections go terribly wrong (right?). Classic. “Shit’s getting real up on the recipe comments.” Can’t stop snickering.

  2. Speaking of pop culture, I can’t believe you wrote, “The sun is supposed to come out tomorrow” without bursting into “The sun’ll come out TOMORROW! Bet your bottom dollar that TOMORROW, there’ll be sun!” Perhaps you were not stage crew in a middle school production of Annie in 1980 and do not have a child who was in a theater camp production of Annie and then played the soundtrack at least once a day for a several-month period last summer/fall. Just guessing…

    • Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love you! Tomorrow! You’re only a day AWAYYYY!

      I was not in an Annie production, but I *do* sing “It’s a hard knock life” whenever my kids complain about anything.

  3. I wish sometimes I could go back in time and be roommates with all the people on the Internet who burst into song at the least provocation.
    THANK YOU for the rainbow cake thing, I saw you link it on facebook the other night and laughed my pants off. Then I forwarded it to my husband, who took it far too seriously and went down a rabbit hole of crazy and I was all “NO you were supposed to LAUGH and then move ON with your life, not follow all the links and get sad about humanity” but too late. Oh well, there’s no helping some people.

    PS I re-watched Annie the other night with the kids and fell in love with Carol Burnett. Holy cow she was amazing. I never noticed how awesome she was in Annie when I watched it as a kid (because I was a kid and only cared about Annie and Sandy)

  4. happy geek says

    The ESPERENTO war! I had totally forgot about that.
    And it is amazing who now that the sun is shiny the world is JUST SIMPLY A BETTER PLACE.
    THIS is one of the days where I remember why we live here. 23C, light breeze. PERFECTION.
    Have a super happy weekend Nicole!

    • Yes! I’m pretty sure it was “Veronica Mitchell’s”. Hahaha. Good times on the internet. And it’s a beautiful day! Steph was right, the sun DID come out! tomorrow!

  5. JUST LAST NIGHT at my daughter’s first dance recital, I quoted the “spare a square” episode when the bathroom was out of toilet paper. And people looked at me blankly because apparently I am now a middle-aged dance mom.

  6. I had not seen the rainbow cake thing.

    Thank-you, from the bottom of my heart. Thank-you.

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