Super Freekeh

Today I was in the grocery store, and I noticed something in the grain/ cracker/ cookie/ ethnic food/ chocolate bar/ ice cream topping aisle. Does that seem like a strange combination of goods for one aisle in the grocery store? It does to me too. In any case, my friend and I were looking for quinoa, which is apparently an incredibly elusive ingredient for my old-people Co-Op, and I came across something called Freekeh. It’s super-freek-EH! I have had a loop of that song, plus Le Freak (or, Le FREEK) going through my head for the past couple of hours. I feel immense regret that I didn’t buy it, because although I do not know exactly how one prepares Freekeh, I feel I could have figured it out. What’s for dinner, Mom? Oh, we’re going to get a little FREEK-EH. The jokes could go on forever. Hilarity at the dinner table. Or, hilarity on my part. It’s probable that my children would be less than enthusiastic about my adventuresome culinary ideas.

It turns out that Freekeh is actually just a kind of toasted wheat, which is fairly anti-climatic.

Other semi-freekeh things:

1) Tonight is the first School Council/ Parent Association meeting of the year, and I have just taken my traditional offering of brownies out of the oven. CARAMEL brownies. I have never made such a thing before and possibly won’t ever again, but I have over a litre of caramel sauce in my fridge due to a small kitchen disaster yesterday, and I’m trying to find ways to use it up. This is a teaser for the full post which will be coming up next week over at the Yummy Mummy Club. Let’s just say that I now have more caramel than anyone really needs in their life, and that I keep finding small splotches of stickiness on the countertop, taps, cupboard handles, etc. I don’t even LIKE caramel.On another note, I have a cookbook giveaway going on – if you like baking, this is the book for you!

2) A few weeks ago, I put our decorative scarecrow family into the front garden, which is my traditional way of festively greeting autumn. Every single morning I pull open the living room drapes to let the sun shine in, and every single morning I gasp and have a little heart palpitation because someone is at the window.

If history is any indication, I will probably become used to my little ragged friend in the window once it’s time to take him down and put up the Christmas lights.

3) This is Rosie. She’s “my” scarecrow. The others are named Dummy Jimmy Too Tall, Idiot, and TV. I only named Rosie.

4) I bought a red sweater. I know. I bought it in a moment of passion and now it’s sitting in my drawer like a judgement.

5) After some discussion with my husband, I realized that I am not the romantic one in our relationship. This seems strange to me. And here I thought that not plucking one’s chin or upper lip in the presence of one’s husband was the ultimate in romanticism, but apparently that’s not enough. Well, he knew who I was when he married me, and that is someone who would much rather roll over and fall asleep immediately than engage in pillow talk for hours. Wham, bam, thank you sir.

6) Related: I think “boner” is the funniest word in the English language. If it was socially acceptable I would work it into every single conversation. Alas.

7) A yoga friend said to me the other morning that he wasn’t sure what I was doing on Sunday nights now that Breaking Bad is over. Nothing, Glenn. I am doing nothing. Mad Men doesn’t start up for months; I basically hate television now. Anyone want to recommend a show for me to become obsessed with? I hear House of Cards is good.


  1. So many thoughts! (1) I would never stop cracking freaky jokes if I bought Freekeh. Never. My family would hate but I’d be unable to stop myself, (2) I would never stop having a small heart attack every time I opened the blinds and saw the scarecrow. (3) I am also not the romantic one in our relationship, but that was clear to everyone involved before H and I got married. I’m just kind of . . . practical. He is the one given to romantic gestures etc. I usually feel like kind of an ass around Valentines Day. (4) A friend of mine is a partner at a big fancy law firm. She is very busy and important and everyone she works with and all of her clients view her as mature, well put together, and smart. And yet, when she was at legal conference awhile back and they were talking about a case involving “beef boners” (an actual profession), she had to text me at least three times in an effort to keep from giggling like a 12 YO boy every time they said words “beef boners.” Of course, I was in my office and, therefore, could laugh my ass off because I also have the sense of humor of a 12 YO boy evidently. But come on, beef boners. Heh. And finally (5) I loved House of Cards. Haven’t found a suitable replacement for BB yet. Mostly just reading and watching low-grade sitcoms hoping something will come along before 2014 and Mad Men.

    • Maggie, you never fail to make my day. This is awesome. We should live close together, we could make Freekeh and do Le Freek, so chic all the time.

      BEEF BONERS WHAT. Is that someone who debones beef? It doesn’t matter. That’s just all kinds of wonderful.

  2. Okay, boners WAS possibly the funniest word until they stuck BEEF in front of it. HOW did they not all just dissolve into hysterics while trying to read the briefs? (Briefs! Okay, I am very immature with almost ANY word that could be construed as having to do with penises or underwear.)

    I’m not the romantic one either. I tend to try to puncture heavily romantic moments with boner jokes.

    Watch The Big C! It’s about cancer, but if you could handle Breaking Bad you’ll be fine.

    • BRIEFS! About BEEF BONERS! Dying over here.

      I only *sort of* handled Breaking Bad – I was always sweating and having heart palpitations – but if you say so, I’ll give it a try!

  3. Sunday nights are our nights for The Good Wife. I know, I know, it’s network TV, but seriously, SO GOOD. I finally convinced my sister to check out the past seasons on Netflix this past summer, and she was completely sold. Binge watch the old ones, then come for the new!

    • My mom loves that show, I always tell her I’ll watch it and then I don’t because it’s been going on so long. But if it’s on Netflix then – OKAY. Love Netflix!

  4. Rachelradiostar says

    Do you say keenwaah or kwinowah?
    I don’t know if you could get it, but Mount Pleasant is one of my favourite tv shows at the mo. But BEING HUMAN ( the uk version ) if you can, the us version would do at a push!!

  5. I beg to differ…
    Punani is the best. As in vagina.
    That is the cutest scarecrow that will never scare anything on the planet.
    I’d hit the caramel with my entire face. It would be ugly and XXX rated.
    I love quinoa just not the price. Holy mother of goodness … why? I will pay for it though.
    Freek-EH…EH…how Canadian 🙂


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