Give Mom the Rockets and No One Gets Hurt

Happy Monday/ Full Moon Day, everyone!  We are just coming off the high of a long weekend – it was a PD day on Friday, which was joyfully spent painting clay creations and playing video games with friends.  Thursday night was the much-anticipated Halloween Dance and it was everything everyone had ever dreamed of, and more.

Good times!  And, as promised, my non-slutty costume:


The weekend was also spent carving pumpkins, which means that my kids make the designs for the faces, my husband does the actual carving, and I spend a great deal of time separating the pumpkin seeds from the gross, gross pumpkin goo.  I am, apparently, the only person who actually wants to eat the pumpkin seeds, and so I end up with orange stained, burning hands and pumpkin in my hair.

Can you spot the pumpkin in my hair?
The finished products were adorable, in my own view.
Is it strange to feel that Halloween is already over?  I keep reminding myself that it’s not actually Halloween until WEDNESDAY.  Maybe it’s because I’m in denial – it is supposed to be a daily high of ONE DEGREE on Wednesday, not that I’m the one who takes the kids trick-or-treating, but still.  I will probably sit with the giant bowl of candy, waiting for the non-existent trick-or-treaters to ring my doorbell.  As usual I have purchased a very large amount of candy, and mark my words, it will be a miracle if we have more than five trick-or-treaters.  Which means that not only will we have leftover candy to last us until the apocalypse, but the kids will receive enormous amounts from our neighbours who have similarly over-purchased candy.  It’s a Halloween tradition in the old-people neighbourhood that I live in!
Speaking of candy, I have a bit of a culture-shock thing going with our neighbours to the south.  In the United States, Smarties are – get this – NOT CANDY COATED CHOCOLATE.  American Smarties are, apparently, what is known in Canada as Rockets.  These seem to be universally despised as a treat, but for me, they are the first item I pilfer from my kids’ bags.  Rockets are like crack cocaine to me.  Sugary crack cocaine.  As well, Coffee Crisp does not exist in the States, which gave me a shock, like when I discovered that ketchup chips are not widely available there.
So here is my question of the day: what is your favourite Halloween treat, or if you are a parent, what is the first thing you steal from your kids’ stash?


  1. I’m not even going to lie. It was a sad sad day for me when my son officially got the A-okay that he was no longer allergic to peanuts and could eat Reeses Peanut Butter Cups to his heart’s content.

    • I love those! I accidentally bought a box to give out, then remembered about nut allergies, so I bought a peanut-free box of chocolate to give out…of course something must be done with all the peanut butter cups. They cannot go to waste!

  2. First thing I look for is Wonder Bars. I eat all of them. Ivan doesn’t like them. I’m going to try to get Ivan to sell his candy for money this year at Evan’s Dental. He will only eat a few things because he is so picky.

  3. And! And! American Smarties don’t actually *taste* like Rockets, they just *look* like Rockets. Ours are better. Trust me on this.

    Rockets are a favourite for me, also Fuzzy Peaches and Swedish Berries. Or – real guilty pleasure time here – Caramilk bars. The chocolate is substandard but something about that taste / texture combo just sends me to my happy place.

  4. That rockets thing has rocked me to my very core. Why don’t they just call the moon the sun and have done with it? I like Twix bars, although the Halloween ones are so so tiny they’re hardly worth stealing.

  5. My son doesn’t like chocolate (I know, really there’s no genetic explanation for this) ANYWAY, a lovely side effect is that he gives me his chocolate candy. I trade him for it with other candy he does like. One of his favorites is Smarties (American style). I’m certain he would go bananas over Rockets if they are, in fact, better than Smarties as Hannah says. If we visit Canada, will have to be sure to get him some, just for research purposes of course.

  6. First of all you make a great pirate! Love the boots. Secondly forget stealing from the kids candy when they come home, I’m already stealing it from the bowl I give out to the kids … I have had 3 treats in a row! I do love rockets the best, well besides Sweet Tarts…but they are almost the same thing. My sister lives in CT in the states and they do have Coffee Crisp there, however it is in the import aisle and wildly expensive so I send Jeff (my brother in law) some from time to time because they are his favourite. My sister also requests Smarties and Mars bars. I sent her some mint Aero balls a couple of weeks ago and she was very glad to receive them! She in return sent me a bag of candy bars called 100 000 Grand (which I have never heard of before, but were very yummy – I shared them) in a knitted purse.

    • Oh, Sweet Tarts! I could go for some Sweet Tarts right now. I thought of you the other day because I had a snack of “fresh fruit”. Wasn’t that your mom who would always suggest a snack of fresh fruit? FRUIT IS NATURE’S CANDY! 🙂

  7. Marilyn Belsham says

    Peanut Butter Cups. This whole non-peanut Halloween thing really ruins my mojo. I’m always thrilled when we stumble upon a non-PC house that is tossing out the nut candy. Yeah, baby, I love me some nuts! 😉

  8. Our kids have nut allergies so the first thing we do is go through and confiscate all the peanut stuff – this becomes our secret stash and is usually enough to keep us going. However, I admit I have stolen my fair share of cheetos – MMMMMM. Have fun trick or treating, stay warm!

  9. Oooh, I love the pumpkin turned on its side – such a clever idea! And your costume was fabulous.

  10. Awesome costumes.

    One of my fave candies is Reeses Peanut Butter Cups!

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