Cupcakes, shopping, and Junior Mints

I am pleased to report the happy news that there have been zero barfing incidents since the first day of school.  Although, writing that, I just broke out into a cold sweat thinking that I just jinxed everything and now my children will be up all night barfing.  Cue the Stevie Wonder riffs.

I really, really hope this doesn’t come to pass, and not just for the obvious reasons: tomorrow is Jake’s birthday party!  After the insanity of Mark’s last birthday party, I privately vowed to never host another birthday party as long as I live, but Jake very sweetly only wanted to invite five of his neighbourhood friends – whose mothers I am all friends with – to go play at the playground and then eat cupcakes.  I felt I could really get behind that idea!  And so that is exactly what we are going to do, and the weather is going to cooperate as well, it seems.  At this very moment I have cupcakes in the oven – these cupcakes, if you’re interested – with the promise of making extra peppermint frosting just for the birthday boy.  I’m also wearing my brand new apron:

Isn’t it adorable?  It has cupcakes on it and I’m MAKING CUPCAKES!  I’m going to feature it in an upcoming “Nicole’s Favourite Things” post, but strangely, like kale chips and 70s soft rock, I am the only one in my house who does not revile this sweet apron.  What is wrong with everyone I live with?  I put it on last night to show the kids, who stared at me, making “Uhhhhhhh” noises until Mark said “Mom?  It’s kind of lame.”  I showed my husband, who wasn’t shy about sharing his unfavourable opinion.  But what does he know?  He also said “I thought when you said you had a new apron, it was, you know, the kind that is black and lacy…”  It’s not a French maid outfit, husband.  I’m using it for actual baking, not “baking”.

That was the strangest euphemism for sex ever, no?

Anyway, so cupcakes are on the to-do list today, as well as putting together loot bags.  I went out yesterday specifically to buy loot bag treats, a replacement shirt for the one that was barfed on, and shoes for Mark.  I’m kicking myself a little because – I don’t mean to brag, here, people – I am the most organized person I know.  Yet I fell down on this one.  I bought indoor school shoes for the boys weeks ago, but since they were in sandals all summer, I failed to notice that Mark’s regular outdoor runners were a size too small until the first day of school.  ORGANIZATIONAL FAILURE.  He could barely walk in them, poor giant-flippered child.  So I thought I would just pick up a pair while running all my other errands.

And let me tell you, by the end of the day I was so frustrated and crabby that I was ready to burn the whole mall down.  I went to every single store that sold shoes and I purchased the only pair of boys’ runners in Mark’s size.  THE ONLY PAIR.  I have written many times about my frustration over the lack of selection for boys’ wear, but that really took the cake.  I ended up paying an exhorbitant price for a simple pair of running shoes which will likely be outgrown in six months, although thankfully they can be passed down to Jake as well.  BUT STILL.  Then I attempted to find party favours that were not embossed with Tinkerbell or Barbie, but again, this was futile.  I ended up going to the dollar store where I found not only Star Wars-themed Pez dispensers, but also Angry Birds-themed napkins and bags, and gigantic packages of candy, including Junior Mints!  I hope I don’t eat all the Junior Mints before I get them into the loot bags.  Who doesn’t like a Junior Mint?  They are so refreshing!

So the first week back at school has been full of excitement, hasn’t it?  There are a few other things going on around here that are amping things up a little, such as an in-law visit and preparing for the first school council meeting.  Suffice it to say I’m looking forward to my Friday night cocktails/wine/any alcohol at all.  How early is too early for a drink, really? 


  1. cup cake apron rules!..but I know its probably not man friendly … every time I hear Junior Mints I think of the Seinfeld episode where Craimer(dont know the true spelling of his name) is eating them while watching the surgery and Jerry hits the box and one goes flying in the patient and no one sees LMAO!

  2. Rachelradiostar says

    I adore the apron. It’s Friday and I’m up for cocktails BIG STYLE

  3. I love the apron. Your family are all GIANT LAME-WADS for not liking that apron, and you can tell them I said so.

    However, Junior Mints are MINT and CHOCOLATE and so therefore poison.

    I believe I will be going tonight to purchase a bottle of wine, because after this week I will need one. I’ll look for you on Twitter later if you can get away from your houseguests for long enough. 🙂

  4. You had me at cupcakes.

    And it’s never too early for a cocktail. Trust me.

  5. Kerrie @ Family Food and Travel says

    Great apron. I think it is never too early for a cocktail, but if it is, Bailey’s and coffee are acceptable at breakfast!

    I hope the party goes well and that the boys have fun. Enjoy the cupcakes and the Junior Mints.

    And, while it isn’t very Canadian I buy a lot of my boys shoes at LL Bean online. They are shipped quickly, have a lifetime guarentee and are seemingly indestructable!


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  7. Yum cupcakes and those graphic of the cupcakes are awesome. Have another great week.

  8. I love that apron. Very cute!

  9. omg, I LOVE the different icing ideas. Totally stealing that, assuming I remember to. And I’m with Hannah – giant lame-wads. If you want, I’ll show the picture of you in the apron to Eve and give you a PROPER reaction to it.

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