Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy.

We’ve been experiencing SUMMER here in YYC.  The days have been sunny, and warm – hot even.  Of course, this is relative.  The highest temperature of the week is 30 degrees Celsius, which is 86 degrees Fahrenheit, which – when compared with my friends down in Virginia, where the tarmac at an airport melted in the 105 F heat, plus 90% humidity – seems more pleasantly warm than scorching.  However, according to local newscasters, this is a heat wave!  And we’re all going to melt! 

This is my very favourite kind of weather; in the rare occasions that it does get this warm, I get a crazy case of carpe diem: Must.Spend.Every.Possible.Minute.Outside.Before.Snow.Comes.  Fortunately, being a lady of leisure, I can do this.  For example, on Sunday we spent the whole afternoon lounging beside our backyard pool:

Unfortunately some armed thugs stormed the yard:

The dog retreated to the safety of the deck:

And I got a (relative) suntan!

Yesterday the boys and I spent the whole afternoon with a friend and her two sons at the local outdoor pool and it was so hot that I actually voluntarily got in the water.  That never happens.  Fortunately this guy biked over to the pool, and things got even HOTTER:

Sadly, this is untrue – the pool was filled with moms and kids.  The happy shrieking was enough to keep the wildlife away:

WHERE ARE THE ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS?  Won’t anyone think of the poor baby lions?

But I realize that, although I love the heat, there are people who do not.  For them, I give you tips on keeping cool, even if you do not have a backyard pool and/or local outdoor pool at your disposal, like I do.  Here’s an idea: pour yourself a cocktail with lots of ice and run a nice, cool bubble bath:

Or maybe take your sailboat out onto the water:

Aiee.  Tan lines. 

Don’t worry about cooking dinner.  Fruit salad will do just fine.  Don’t forget the pineapple.

ALL of these men were featured in issues of Playgirl from the 1970s.  As my friend Beck said, how were any of us born if that’s what the desirable dudes looked like back then?  It truly is mysterious.


  1. Ha! I saw her post that this morning. The lion picture made me laugh out loud.

  2. You omitted the best shot: the guy in the turtleneck with the guitar. He’s Lyle Wagonner, from Wonder Woman. And I would totally have hawt! seventies-era sex with him. The rest? No. Especially not with the dude showing off his big “boom.”

  3. Ha on the men. I thought of Magic Mike when I saw these photos.

  4. Those pics are hilarious!

    It’s been so hot lately that I get in the water, too. That rarely happens but OMG this 100+ needs to go away!

  5. Re: Pineapple man; is there a salad-tossing joke in there somewhere? There must be…

    I still say the dude with the lion cub is beyond weird. I don’t know what I’m supposed to be thinking! “aww, cute cub?” “hey look, he’s so manly he CUDDLES LIONS IN THE BUFF!” “his man-parts are so studly and awesome they don’t even wilt in the face of lions?”

    So confused.

  6. OH. My Peek a boo peen.
    This is hilarious.
    We also have a pool that looks like that only inflatable.

  7. Well, I WAS going to go to bed, but now that squigged out nightmares are a certainly, I now have no other option than to stay up and eat more chocolate birthday cake. It’s all your fault!

    We had the exact same purple penguin pool for several years until last summer when the plastic spontaneously had a nervous breakdown and the bottom sheared off completely. Now we have a princess pool but it’s just not the same.

  8. Janice Trinh says

    Ok, that last picture threw me off. THAT was in playgirl? WHY??? For the pineapple? Hahaha!

  9. That sailboat picture just looks wrong.

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