Movember Madness

Yesterday as I was driving the kids to school, Maneater came on the radio.  You know it’s going to be a great day when Hall and Oates is on the radio! 

Oh oh here she comes.  Watch out, boys, she’ll chew you up!  Oh oh here she comes.  She’s a MANEATER.
Now THAT’s what I call a moustache.  Is it me, or is anyone else relieved that this is the last day of Movember?  Don’t get me wrong: I have a very personal connection to prostate cancer and so I am very happy at the funds and awareness that are raised every Movember, but nevertheless, I will not be unhappy to see clean shaven faces tomorrow.  All those moustaches are just so…startling.  It took me well into the month to get used to seeing men – who I see on a near-daily basis – sporting moustaches of various lengths and thicknesses.  The other day there was a news story on our hurricane-but-not-really-a-hurricane windstorm, and every single man interviewed was sporting a moustache.  I completely lost track of the story, I was so distracted by the moustaches.  I kept wondering if the interviewees were participating in Movember or if they had moustaches all the time.  I kept wondering if the moustaches were charitable, ironic, or earnest in nature.  I couldn’t concentrate at all.
What is it about moustaches?  They have the ability – with the exception of Magnum, P.I. – to make any man look extraordinarily creepy.  They make normal men’s faces into that which would bring to mind the warning “Do not approach”.  They bring to mind “70’s porn star” – although when I noted that recently, a Movember participant asked why and how I would be aware of that comparison, to which I respond get off your high horse.  There’s no porn like 70’s porn, and we all know it.  Also, regardless of porn, didn’t everyone in the 70’s have a moustache?  They were as common as gold medallions nestled in chest hair. 
Look!  Moustache, gold medallion, AND chest hair!  It’s the trifecta!
It’s funny how styles change.  These days, I associate moustaches with seedy criminals and/or a few select members of my extended family.  I’m not anti-facial hair.  I can pretty much get behind most facial hair styles, the exception being a soul patch, but moustaches?  They are the mom jeans of facial hair.

Okay, I’ll grant an exception for this guy.  I’m posting this picture for my mom, who thinks he is the bee’s knees.  What a fabulous daughter I am.  Even if I am now clinically insane from We Need A Little Christmas.

****Thanks to all the guys who participated in Movember, and thanks to all the people who donated to someone brave enough to make themselves look like a person who would make small children cry.  Prostate cancer research is important, and you’ve helped.  Thank you.****


  1. Ah. Tom Selleck rocks the ‘stache. Every other man on the planet? NO. NOOOOOOOOOO!!! Good bye, Movember!

  2. Strong Yogi says

    It was fun to grow a moustache this month, I’ve enjoyed a new look, and not shaving my face raw each morning. And plus I raised $527 this month for Prostate Cancer!!! It will be nice to be back to normal tomorrow morning though, to look into the mirror again with a cleanly shaven face! Unless you give me another $20 to keep it up! 😛 Haha…

  3. For the last time – Tom Selleck and my Dad. Who is shortly going to be shaving off his thirty-nine-year-old moustache because he can’t find the tools to keep it trimmed properly any more, and I am HEARTBROKEN.

  4. Tom Selleck rocks!

  5. We don’t have Movember here but my husband and his friend are always striving for the perfect mustache. It’s kinda weird.

  6. My OB had a strong Tom Selleck mustache…in fact, that’s what we called him.
    My family joked that while he was…ummmm…down there that he would give me the most amazing mustache ride of my life.
    He didn’t deliver my son…and I am thankful for that.

  7. I got two words for you on facial hair…. Jason Varitek or just Tek for short… The captain and catcher of the red sox. If facial hair comes in that form, I will take it!

  8. My Mom had that Tom Selleck poster! 70’s porn was and is still the best (so I’ve heard…. bom chicka wah wah….)

  9. How did Tom Selleck not make your top 10 sexiest list? He would be very near the top of mine. I just thought of something else he can get on top of…Oh sorry I was just…Nevermind.

    Thanks for posting his picture.

  10. Tom Selleck. TOM SELLECK FOREVER.

    My favorite moustache was on a young local newsguy, too! He probably thought he was going to look a) Sellecky or at least b) dangerously 70s porn-starish, but instead he looked like the dad in a dollhouse family. SO sexy.

  11. of course you have heard about the female version of movember…


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