Warning: Very Frivolous Post

It’s December!  The sun is shining!  The snow is slushy!  My husband’s office Christmas party is only tomorrow!
I know the socially acceptable norm is to hate the office Christmas party, especially the HUSBAND’S office Christmas party, but I…don’t.  Frankly, I love it.  I look forward to it every year.  I love dressing up, and eating food that I didn’t make, and drinking lots of wine…and I realize that those are things I could do NOT at a Christmas party, but I love the festivity of it all.  My love for office Christmas parties is so great that I am thinking of a new career: hiring myself out to attend Christmas parties for those women who do not want to go.  It will be like being a Christmas party escort, but in a totally non-skanky way.  In fact, I offered to wife swap for my friend Nan when she wrote about not wanting to go to her husband’s party.  (I think it may have weirded her out.  But Nan!  There’s going to be karaoke!  KARAOKE!  I only wish there was karaoke at my husband’s party.) 
It’s probably fortunate that there is not karaoke, given that my zest for singing far, far exceeds my actual talent.  Related: Mark’s recent report card was very good in every area except music.  “Mark is an enthusiastic student, but requires support when using his singing voice.” 
You know how there are people who are Shoe People, or Handbag People, those who have many of those items and enjoy shopping for them, who change their shoes and/or handbags to go with every outfit?  I am not one of those people.  (I am more of a Coat and Sweater Person).  So I was looking at my outfit for the party: the dress that I bought for last year’s party that I did not end up attending, boots dating from 1999, and my “handbag”.  My “handbag” is actually a well worn, large messenger bag from Roots that is constantly stuffed full with everything from travel Kleenex and hand sanitizer to gloves and five different lip products.  Currently there is also a book of stamps and several grocery lists jammed in there alongside a bracelet made out of pompoms and jingle bells that one of Mark’s little friends made for me.  In other words, it doesn’t really “go” with a party outfit.  Usually I borrow a handbag from my mother – who is not only a Handbag Person and a Shoe Person, but also just a Clothing Person in general.  Girl likes to shop. – but she is currently out of town.  (Note: she just chastised me for not just going over to her house and rummaging through her things until I found an appropriate bag.  Sorry Mom!  I try not to make it my business to just go through other people’s things.  Especially someone’s closet.  Don’t want to find something I don’t want to find if you know what I mean and I think you do.)
Anyway, I really needed to find a handbag, so I spoke to my very good friend who is, without a shadow of a doubt, a Handbag Person and she gave me tips on where to go to maximize my shopping experience.  I followed her directions, all the while breathing deep ujjayi breaths to alleviate my anxiety.  And look what I found!

Cute, right?  A little handbag, all my own!  Not only do I think it is cute, it was on half-price!  Did I mention I love my Handbag Friend?  And boots to replace the ones from 1999!  They are, I think, just the right mix of cute and slutty.  I’m all ready for the party! 


  1. VERY Nice! You must post pics of the entire outfit!

  2. Love frivolous posts!

    The purse and the boots are super cute, but even better, is having a excuse to buy stuff for yourself. Your husband can’t complain since it’s his office party. Excellent!

    All the things you mention about office parties are great, but I abhor the required small talk. Plus most of my husband’s coworkers think they’re big shots, so they’re reluctant to converse with a SAHM.

  3. You should come to my husband’s party. Alas there is no WRONG combination of slutty & cute at his work parties. It’s more about finding the right amount of slutty, cute, denim, sequins, aquanet, plaid flannel, and malt liquor. Good times.

    I am a handbag person. I don’t care for shoes, or clothes or make up, but I love purses & clutches & backpacks & satchels. And it is my official opinion that your bag and boots are smokin’.

    Have fun, Bright Eyes.

  4. Love them! Frivolous posts are my favorite kind!

  5. LOVE the boots!! I too love my husbands christmas party and this year we get to go to two!! One in edmonton and one here!! ENJOY!!

  6. That handbag! Those boots! Please tell me you’re a size 8? Wanna start hanging out…like BFF hanging out?…ok, I may be using you for your great accessories, but I’m sure we’d get along!

  7. I think you have a career there.

    Perhaps you could also be a surrogate for people’s own work parties. You can go as me.


  8. I am totally with ya! I enjoy a night out with my husband even to the company Christmas party. It is one of the only times I have a reason to buy dressy clothes and actually wear them! Conversations with adults is pretty cool too, I must say! Love both the boots and the purse!

  9. You’re going to look fab! I can tell. Please show us the rest of the outfit 😉
    I’m in the same category as your mom: love bags, shoes, clothes – just to few occasions to dress up

  10. I just read Sandra’s boot post, reminding me that I hadn’t had a chance to comment when I read this earlier. I love that you love office Christmas parties. I am the very opposite of a shoe and handbag person, and I totally would have gone over to my Mom’s house and risked severe trauma rummaging through her closet rather than buy a handbag. But the boots? My one pair of black riding boots are my prized possession, which is good because before them I wore black Docs with everything which made my Mom cry a lot. Party on!

  11. K, love the idea about renting yourself out as a substitue wife for holiday parties. I like them too but sadly neither my husband nor I have work Christmas parties. 🙁

    PS. I am a total shoe person!

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