Stitches and Disney and Snow in Late May

This is a photo of my backyard this morning:

What’s that on the ground? SNOW! And what are all those buckets in the background? They are covering up my poor, non-frost-tolerant flowers that I planted on Tuesday. And why would I plant non-frost-tolerant flowers prior to June in Calgary? Because I am stupid, evidently. I probably cursed the city by planting impatiens on May 25. Sorry everyone. I guess the snow is my fault.

Nonetheless, I’m very hap-hap-happy today so I’m going to share some random, somewhat amusing things.

1. Today during my yoga practice I accomplished something that I have been working on for…I don’t even know how long. A year? More than that? A very long time. I accomplished it and then I felt somewhat startled, not unlike the ONE TIME I actually caught a ball in my two years of playing slo-pitch in university. But, I did it! I did it! I really did it!

2. Disney should have a warning on their movies for sensitive children. Like, rated G but with extremely sad and tragic scenes. Appropriately for the weather I watched The Ice Age with the kids and Mark was completely devastated several times. What is with Disney movies and all the death? Especially all the deaths of mothers and other family members?

3. My husband had the day off work and we took the kids out for lunch. The extremely low frequency with which we take the children to restaurants is never more obvious when they cheer at getting TWO STRAWS in their iced teas and that lemon on the side of their glass? “It makes me feel like I’m in Hawaii!” said Mark. We are a simple people.

4. On Tuesday a neighbour – not the Deerhunter, another neighbour – stopped by to see if I had any nurse’s training (I don’t). If so, he thought I could remove his stitches. His stitches! I was completely weirded out by the request, albeit slightly curious as to where the stitches were and why didn’t he go to a doctor? I immediately emailed another neighbour who is also my friend, and we giggled in a horrified way about it. I am convinced my evil giggling was bad karma for me because the incident occurred while I was planting the aforementioned impatiens. Coincidence? I’m sorry everyone. The snow was totally my fault. So sorry.


  1. YES re G ratings! We need G-Regular and G-Sensitive. And I mean for ME, not for the kids. That scene where Nemo’s dad reacts to the death of Nemo’s mom and all their other children? UM!!???

  2. So it was you!
    Who caused it this morning?
    My kids kept singing jinglebells. We live up in the hills and we cannot even see our grass today.
    I have the two most non-sensitive boys on the planet. A duck died from my son’s K class. He was then showing us what dead looked like. Didn’t phase him at ALL. It actually worries me a bit.

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