We’ve had a run of really unseasonably warm weather and I spent the afternoon cutting back perennials, pruning shrubs, and pulling back mulch to squeal over the teeny sprouts of my emerging very hardy perennials. Then I immediately replaced the mulch because while I might be excited, I’m not stupid: no mulch shall be removed until May. Fortunately these are extraordinarily hardy plants; they could probably survive nuclear fallout.

In my house, these little sprouts are known as “baby plants” and while my children may have a high level of disdain for actual human babies, they are thrilled about non-human babies, plants included. “Mom”, Mark said excitedly, “It feels like you are going to have a baby! Baby plants!” Apparently my ovaries are green now.

Finding little bits of green in my yard is my favourite part of spring. It feels very festive around here: the sun is shining, the snow is melting, and I walked the dog without gloves on. Truly festive indeed. There are only two small dampers on this festive spirit: muddy paw prints in odd places and the proliferation of outdoor wear in the back entry. I find the latter to be somewhat trying. Our back entry is overflowing: winter jackets and snow boots, gloves and toques and also baseball caps, light jackets and down vests, running shoes and mud-caked rubber boots. And I cannot get rid of One Single Thing because I am superstitious and it’s only March – I’ve finally realized it’s not still February – and the second I put away a winter article, even the smallest mitten, the city will be blasted with snow and ice, and it will be All My Fault.


  1. Yeah, it happens every year…tee shirts at the beginning of March, parkas at the end. LOL It is such a hard month to deal with – our entry is TEENY and having two (or three!) sets of outdoor wear and footwear times six people is a huge pain. BUT if the alternative is only winter outdoor wear in the entry, I totally choose the other option! 😀

  2. We always get snow the first week of April. Always. *Then* it’s Spring.

  3. Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons. I like the crispness in the air – it makes it seem fresher. It’s much warmer down here. I’ve been debating on if I should transplant my little sprouted veggies into the garden this week…or wait. I might wait a week. It would make me very sad if they all died in a sudden cold snap.

  4. Our back entry overflows too. Runners, rubber boots, winter boots, and (gasp) sandals! are everywhere.

    I have been debating what new piece of organizational furniture i should be getting to attempt to keep it all out of sight.

    I think it is a fruitless task.

    But, until yesterday, I was loving the weather right along with the rest of Calgarians!

    I am not superstitious, but I now expect snow, on and off, through the end of May. Last year my family did the Vulcan triathlon. June 6th, standing by the outdoor pool, freezing in our swimsuits, in the snow!!! I did it, and my children also did the timbits triathlon. Brutal. And surreal. But so southern Alberta for you! (As a side note, they heated the pool like a warm bath to compensate for the wind and snow. Once in, it was great. Getting in and out, was painful!)

  5. Wow, Heather, my mouth is agape at the sound of “triathlon”, let alone “triathlon in snow”! My hat goes off to you and your family!!!

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