Hump Day

I’ve been kind of sad today, and anxious as I wait for news about a friend who is going through a difficult time. To distract myself, I went to the grocery store after dinner, ostensibly for a pizza shell for tomorrow night, but coming home with the following: four packages of organic raspberries, a box of Creamsicles, a box of Fudgsicles, two boxes of Revellos, and a container of mint chocolate chip ice cream. And the pizza shell. What can I say; they had some great sales on today.

On the radio on the way home, the deejay mentioned today, “hump day”. I hate that term. Hump day. It’s hideous. It’s worse to me than the term “grow a pair” which is just creepy to me. I also hate when testicles are referred to as “stones”. Or when someone says “I was so scared I nearly shit my pants”. Ew. I also hate the word “fart” which is really unfortunate when you live with all males who think that farting is nature’s way of being witty. Fortunately, after saying “hump day”, the deejay saw fit to play “Jesse’s Girl” so I sang with Rick Springfield all the way home, which cheered me immensely.
If you have a term or word you hate, please share. It will help with my distraction process


  1. Panties.

    Also, hottie. HATE.

  2. I hate the word rubber – condom

  3. Hi. I’ve enjoyed reading some of your posts (linked over from Catherine Newman). I think hump day is gross too. Off the top of my head, I hate it when a certain person in my family (mother-in-law) mispronounces words: Potato becomes Potata or Tomato, Tomata or most recently Mojito was Mojita… it’s petty of me but it makes her sound dumb and she’s not so I don’t get it.

  4. Some drunk guy at a bar once told me I had a “nice shitter”. You know like a nice butt. Seriously.

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