Lest you think I was bragging…

When my husband got home after my fabulous day on Monday, he said “It’s interesting. It’s hard to know who I’m coming home to.” What? Just because I was competing, and won a blue ribbon, in the Wow I’m Bitchy Today Contest on Sunday, which was immediately followed by my blue ribbon win in the Today is all Sunshine and Rainbows Contest on Monday? He should feel LUCKY. Things are not boring around here, what with my mood swings and all.

Nonetheless, I would like to report that summer vacation, so far, is going nicely. This is massively helped by sunny weather, despite the fact that there was an immense thunderstorm and downpour yesterday afternoon. We took that opportunity to try out some science projects from the Usborne Big Book of Science Things to Make and Do. Let me tell you, I purchased this book through Scholastic, and it was the best Scholastic money I ever spent. Much, much better than the Scooby Doo Early Readers Pack. MUCH BETTER. The projects are aimed at children who are older than mine, but they are so simple that there is no way I can screw them up, which is a very good quality in a science book, no? The only problem is that I have now run out of white vinegar, and am getting very low on baking soda. So, you can probably imagine the kinds of experiments we are doing.

All of which is to say, my pure joy at doing junior science experiments probably qualifies me to win the blue ribbon for Not So Cool But Tries Really Hard award.


  1. Well, it’s good to know I’m not alone. 🙂

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