Monday morning, you sure look fine

You know the kind of Saturday evening where you nobly encourage your husband to golf nine, after all he is supportive of all your yogic pursuits, but after you pick the kids up from their afternoon birthday party they are insane with post-party excitement, birthday cake, and they unfortunately have received as party favours giant FOAM SWORDS with which they have been beating each other and their little friend whom you also drove to the party, and then after supper it stops raining long enough to send them outside to burn off steam but the dog, unbeknownst to you, eats a bunch of potting soil then comes inside to barf all over the carpet, then when you are cleaning up the muddy barfy mess the boys try to help by carrying sopping wet rags all over the house, and suddenly it’s past bathtime and now the three year old is an exhausted mess and begins sobbing hysterically when you try to take him out of the bathtub and the five year old, oblivious, keeps talking and talking and TALKING about dinosaurs? You know that kind of Saturday evening? I had one this weekend!

Moving on.

I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day. Mine was filled with all sorts of things I love: snuggles, yoga, dog walking, gardening with the kids. Although I have to say the apex of my Mother’s Day was the tea party at the preschool last Wednesday. Really, is there anything more precious than a classful of preschoolers in various stages of singing and not singing songs about sunshine and blue skies and mamas, then presenting you with a plateful of treats that they prepared? I don’t think so.


  1. Thought I leave you a message here instead of Facebook.

    I know exactly how you feel. It’s easy to be benevolent ahead of time. Do you almost feel angelic and selfless…almost white and pure…when you say “go golf nine and hey, have a beer afterwards”? And then the day comes or you’re in the thick of it and you think “if I concentrate hard enough, I can make my own appendix burst and he’d have no choice but to come home and deal with these kids”.

    I love the title of your post. I, myself have a complicated love affair with Monday morning. It is like the calm in the air after a tornado. I only have 1 kid home but the house looks like someone detonated an H-bomb.

    I hope that the rest of your Mother’s Day was good and that you got to put your feet up when you got home.

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