Meme Deflowering

I was a meme virgin, but I was tagged by Beck (okay, I asked her to tag me). Here we go!

8 Things I’m Looking Forward To

1. Spring – it’s kind of here, many of my plants are starting to poke up. IT’S ABOUT TIME.
2. Having a glass of wine tonight. But then, I’m always looking forward to that.
3. Incessantly watching NYPD Blue reruns on DVD this week. My husband will be away, and I’m not looking forward to that, but it does give me the freedom to obsessively watch David Caruso. (“Tell him John Kelly is looking for him. JOHN KELLY.” Rrrr…..)
4. Eating a LOT of Greek salad this week – another thing I do when the cat’s away. I’m so wild.
5. The Mother’s Day Tea at the preschool this week! Although Jake informed me “I told Ms. Jan I didn’t think I should have tea. But she said I could have juice”. Good to know.
6. Getting the dog groomed. He kind of stinks.
7. Wearing capri pants and sandals, which I’m hoping will happen sometime soon! Rise, mercury, rise!
8. Rob coming home from his week away, and the ensuing – ahem! – reunion. Rrrr….

8 Things I Did Yesterday

1. Ate a frozen chocolate Girl Guide cookie. Bliss in a cookie.
2. Walked the dog.
3. Made pasta sauce, which I loved but no one else seemed all that crazy about.
4. Watched 30 Rock and the Office, and laughed a lot.
5. It was warm enough that I picked the boys up from school wearing only a sweater and t-shirt – no jacket!
6. Worked on my drop-backs, thank you very much lovely teachers.
7. Worked on a post about mommy makeovers.
8. Got grossed out reading about labiaplasty.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do

1. Drop-backs – it’s coming though! Soon, maybe.
2. Cook something really delicious that everyone in my house would eat.
3. Not cry when something goes wrong with the car. Especially something stupid like running out of windshield washer fluid.
4. Be able to open the hood of my car.
5. Downhill ski.
6. Eat unlimited amounts of potato chips, nachos, and the like without gaining any weight.
7. Speak another language.
8. Throw and catch a ball.

8 Shows I Watch

1. 30 Rock – best show on TV.
2. Grey’s Anatomy, although I’m a little disturbed by my crush on Dr. Hunt. He’s a wacko! Why do I find him soooo sexy?
3. America’s Next Top Model. I’m slightly ashamed.
4. Jeopardy!
5. How I Met Your Mother – next to 30 Rock, this is the funniest show on TV.
6. NYPD Blue Season One. For reasons previously stated.
7. American Idol – full disclosure, I don’t usually like this show but my husband watches it. This year, it’s pretty good! I’m actually enjoying it.
8. Breakfast Television. Sometimes for a laugh I call it the news.

Meme deflowering complete!


  1. I LOVE NYPD Blue and have seen every season. Best. Show. Ever.

  2. How I Met Your Mother! I always forget about that one, but it IS pretty great.
    I don’t know that I’ve ever seen NYPD Blue. I’m not a big cop show kinda person – but a lot of people I know love it, so apparently I am missing out on GREATNESS.

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