Did you know that there is a huge upside to minus twenty temperatures? If you have two sick kids, and they don’t want to drink the amount of liquids that they should be drinking, you can rummage around in the basement to find the box of Freezies left over from the summer, put them outside, and within the hour they will be frozen! Freezies! In the winter! The novelty alone caused the boys to consume many, many of the frozen treats, which caused a mid-afternoon attitude rally. I call THAT a small, sick day miracle.

Oh Lord, I’m bored. I am almost writing a song about being bored. The boys are the kind of sick where they don’t feel like doing anything – stories, crafts, etc. – but watching TV. So, being the great mom that I am, the TV has been on almost all day. Mark summed it up by saying “I don’t want to watch this show. But I’m going to watch it.”

So I’ve been spending the day baking awesome peanut butter cookies, opening Freezies, and tracing and cutting out outlines of bats, the template for which was very kindly made by my younger brother, since my own artistic rendering of a bat looks more like a circle with two lopsided triangles attached to it. And why would I be spending hours cutting out construction paper bats, you might ask? It’s for Mark’s birthday party on Saturday, of course! Because getting sick for your birthday is the COOLEST. Cross your fingers we are all better by then. Mine will be.


  1. Hey there, a big TX ‘ol happy birthday going out to Mark. It sounds like it is shaping up to being a good one. I’m impressed with all of your Mom skills. Me, I just knit when the kids are doing their own thing.

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