It’s not easy being green.

I was digging through my bottom dresser drawer on the weekend and found a little bag containing a number of cards, including a Blockbuster Video membership card.  How long has that been there?  There was also a Northwest Airlines World Perks card I had from my working-girl-business-travel era, which was some time ago.  Clearly I need to clean out my drawers more often.  At least I didn’t find any maternity pantyhose, like I did last time.

In case you missed it, it was my birthday on the weekend!  Best weekend ever, I tell you.  My mom made me a cake and my husband went out and bought me a case of wine, including a very nice bottle of Amarone that we shared while watching my new copy of Les Miserables, which as you may know I’ve been wanting to see for…well…for as long as it’s been out, I guess.  It was a great movie, and I restrained myself from singing along to the entire score.  I am only human though, and occasionally I would slip out with a Who am I? 2-4-6-0-1! which is when my husband would wander downstairs to see how the boys were doing on their video game or into the kitchen to fetch me more wine.  Good husband! 

The boys gave me a new yoga outfit, which I proudly wore on Sunday morning, negating the Shala’s need for lights:

I felt a bit like a walking glo-stick or lime popsicle, but in a good way.  I kind of love it.  And hey, my birthday is right before Earth Day and right after Pot Day, so wearing green seems like a great idea.

Other things I love:

1) We have finally finished reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.  I have been reading it to the boys at bedtime for the past couple of months and believe me when I say this: I cannot think of another series of books that I have so loathed.  The kids loved it, mind you, but I felt that it was the lamest, most mean-spirited series in the history of time.  It pushed so many buttons for me and reminded me of why I hated the tween years.  Obviously I am not the target audience but in any case I’m ecstatic it’s all over.  Next up: Charlotte’s Web!  Hooray!  No one knew that a little grey spider played the biggest part.  No one was with her when she died.  Wah.  Poor Charlotte.

2) 31 Inanimate Objects With Secret Inner Lives.  The gherkin!

3) 14 Engagement Photos. Although, the train track picture is giving me heart palpitations.  DON’T PLAY ON THE TRACKS! 

4) Mad Men.  I am really enjoying this season, especially the swingy fashion of the late sixties.  If I could get away with wearing minidresses, go-go boots, false eyelashes and white lipstick every day I would.  If I wouldn’t look like death with white lipstick, that is.  And if it wouldn’t look strange to wear false eyelashes, minidresses and go-go boots to the school, dog park or grocery store, which are my three main destinations.

I think it’s almost time for another Nicole’s Favourite Things, now that the temperatures are actually ABOVE freezing and little green things are starting to poke out of the ground.  Watch for it in the coming days!  Spring!  Finally!  Things feel grand.  xoxo


Thanks everyone for playing along for my giveaway.  Justine was the big winner!  Congratulations Justine – something fun will be on your way, just as soon as I get to the post office. 


  1. That Diary of a Wimpy Kid series! OMG! Some kid books have the characters do mean things, but then there is comeuppance. THIS series, the characters GIVE MY KIDS IDEAS FOR BEING MEAN IN NEW AND CREATIVE WAYS.

  2. I love the Wimpy Kid books. They’re so funny. My husband and I will quote bits back to one another. But we are huge fans of dark humour, and so are our boys. The Shel Silverstein bit still makes me laugh. I do, however, hate with a fiery passion Winnie the Pooh so maybe don’t take my word for it.

    Happy belated birthday.

  3. Thankfully oldest reads those Diary books to himself so I have very little idea about them. I wanted to burn down the library when he went through the phase of the Magic Treehouse books – he’d read some to himself and then I’d have to read more at bedtime. I came to loathe that series. The only books I’ve read to him recently are the Lord of the Rings series, which, because I’m a huge geek, I’ve been dying to read to him since he was born.

    Watching Mad Men the other night I felt the sudden need for a pair of GoGo boots. I have absolutely no idea where I’d wear them and I’m at least 20 years too old to carry them off, but they look so great with all of the mod clothing! Sigh.

  4. My kids read the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books on their own, but I took them to one movie and I thought the exact same as you – the kid’s a total dick, WTF? Consider the Percy Jackson series for future reading aloud – it’s well written and funny. I hated those stupid Magic Treehouse books too – god, the sentence fragments, the crappy editing. Deep breath.

    Love your springy yoga outfit – HOW THE HECK DID I MISS POT DAY?

  5. My oldest read the entire Wimpy Kid series, and I was just so overjoyed he wanted to read ANYTHING that I embraced it. Now I’m reading it aloud to my younger daughter and OH MY GOD, the horror. Everyone is SO MEAN. The main character is a total jackass!! We discuss the character’s actions at length but STILL, I cringe at every new crappy way they treat each other. GAH.

  6. Hairline Fracture says

    The 7 y.o. wanted me to read the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid book to him and I didn’t like it at all. Fortunately he got bored halfway through the book and we’re reading another book now.

  7. I am ambivalent about the Wimpy Kid series. I’m not a fan but my son sort of likes it, though he has decided that he prefers Roald Dahl books and I am not fighting him over that!

    Those engagement photos are kind of painful. The fairies! The shirtless guy! The parking meters! Ha. Crazy time.

  8. You look like a pretty flower in my garden that isn’t growing shit. How about you come down here and stand in my garden. That would make me happy 🙂
    I am sorry that I missed your birthday 🙁
    We watched the movie (The wimpy kid) and I have the same thoughts. There is no moral to the story other than be popular, pick on your best friend, and eat moldy cheese. Sigh…

  9. Miss Elise says

    Loved Les Mis…and on a completely different note I have a fleece jacket that is remarkably close to the colour of a school zone sign…I bought on clearance on-line and the picture was not an accurate depiction of the real article. I didn’t send it back though because I would have to pay for shipping so I wear it when I ride my bicycle…no need for reflective stripes here.

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